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Hi, and welcome to my standard output. I'm Thomas and this is where I write about things I learn, build and find interesting — I try to organize it all into suitable categories.


Ongoing projects

What is next?

Newsite updates and plans

  • Find my old wiki installation and port all pages into this one :) Done!
  • Enable support for rendering mathematical formulae. Done!
  • Organize all pages into a hierarchal category structure. Done!
  • Enable SVG support. Done!
  • Enable PDF handler. Done!
  • Change URL. Done!
  • Setup short URL domain and extension. Done!
  • Upgrade MediaWiki and extensions to 1.34. Done!
  • Start using HTML5 videos instead of YouTube embeds. Done!
  • Move project source code blocks into GitHub repos. Done!
  • Look into generating part lists from json files. Done!
  • Add summary to all projects, containing some of the most important info.
  • Validate information on older project pages.
  • Add notes on Linux commands.